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Sprinkler Winterization

Irrigation / Sprinkler Winterization

Winterization ( for Tulsa sprinkler winterization and other cities) is usually at the top of everyone’s mind. That’s because we can all see the benefits of a properly maintained and winterized system. A typical winter creates the need to winterize. This is done by removing the water from the system to ensure that the lines don’t freeze and ensuring that the system is properly secured. However, some winters are very mild and may only dip below freezing a few times throughout the season. It’s the mild winter that causes the most damage to our grass and flowering plants and isn’t typically realized until the spring or early summer – by then it’s too late. We monitor the weather very carefully and advise if winterization is necessary. It may only be that we advise you to suspend the watering for a short time then turn the system back on. REMEMEBER - A DRY FREEZE does more damage to your plant life and a wet freeze helps to protect the delicate nature of the plants in winter.  See us for Tulsa sprinkler winterization and other cities.

Consider Our Sprinkler Maintenance Plan

Sprinkler winterization can be taken care of by opting in to any of our maintenance plans which saves you money year round and on costly Tulsa Metro sprinkler repairs.

Some Of The Brands We Service

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