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Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Metro Area


When considering the Tulsa sprinkler repair in Tulsa you may need consider the following questions:

  • Is my water bill higher than normal?

  • Do parts of my yard look better than others?

These questions are good indicators that you need a Sprinkler Repair. It may not seem like much now, but left unattended it can turn into a much larger repair and cost considerably more.

Need a Sprinkler Replacement?

If you feel that a zone or section of your sprinkler system is not working adequately, give us a call to schedule an inspection. We are able to determine if your sprinkler repair is minor or you have a section that needs to be replaced. Replacement can be difficult to determine, often times it comes across as a loss of pressure causing you to look at the sprinkler heads. Many times, after several seasons of not maintaining your system, a pipe or fitting gets cracked in the winter time or during times of drought by the movement of the soils around the pipes. Soil expansion and contraction are very powerful forces and puts a lot of strain on the typical systems, causing separation or complete breaks.

Tulsa Sprinkler repairs can range from very simple to complicated. The list of things that can go wrong with a sprinkler system include valves not working or staying on too long, heads that either stick up or down, mainline leaks, lateral line leaks, rain/freeze sensors not working, problems with the controller, wiring issues, coverage issues, clogged nozzles, or even a part of the pipe needing to be replaced. Mid-Town Irrigation can handle all Tulsa Sprinkler Repair and Winterization.

What will my sprinkler repair cost?

Many people have asked us to tell them sprinkler repair in Tulsa metro cost. Its hard to say without reviewing the equipment, but our hourly rates for sprinkler repair service is  $82 per hour plus parts. Most sprinkler repairs typically takes less than 2 hours.

Save Money! - Consider Our Sprinkler Maintenance Plan

Our hourly rate for sprinkler repair with a maintenance plan package is only $55.25 per hour plus parts. A Tulsa sprinkler repair can be very costly and can come at zero moments notice. This is why most our our clients opt for our maintenance plans. Click the link for more information on our sprinkler maintenance packages.

Some Of The Brands We Service

Hunter Sprinkler Repair

Rain Bird Sprinkler Repair

Toro Sprinkler Repair

Orbit Sprinkler Repair