We know this word makes many a home owner uncomfortable, but we feel it’s important to talk about it openly… we’re talking about "Leaks".

Now that it’s summer time, your yard is getting thirsty. If you have an irrigation system installed in your yard, you most likely take pride in that beautiful green oasis outside of your home and have it perfected just how you like it. What you might not have perfected is protecting yourself from underground irrigation system leaks… and guess what? No one has. It’s hard to do, because you never ask for a leak and you are not typically the cause of them. What you can do is know what to look for.

Signs That Your Sprinkler Is Leaking
Do you know what an irrigation system leak looks like? If you had a leak, would you know how to spot it? These are some helpful tips so you know what to look for if your sprinkler system was to spring a leak somewhere and you are in need of a sprinkler repair in the Tulsa metro area.