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About Us


Mid-Town Irrigation found a need in Tulsa that many sprinkler system installation companies simply do not fill. After the warranty runs out or if that company simply goes out of business, who will keep my system up and running? We ran into this issue ourselves and decided to give all of Tulsa an answer to this problem. We service all types of systems all year long, preparing it to keep your yard lush in the summer and making sure that it’s winter ready. If a problem were to arise we address it immediately, not giving the Oklahoma sun time to do it’s damage.

Sprinkler repairs in Tulsa can range from very simple to complicated. The list of things that can go wrong with a sprinkler system include valves not working or staying on too long, heads that either stick up or down, mainline leaks, lateral line leaks, rain/freeze sensors not working, problems with the controller, wiring issues, coverage issues, clogged nozzles or even a part of the pipe needing to be replaced. Mid-Town Irrigation can handle it all.

Mid-Town Irrigation Service and Repair, Inc. is a company focused on monitoring, maintaining and servicing your irrigation and sprinkler systems. We are able to do this when you choose one of our three Service Packages. Our sole desire is to see you happy with the exterior of your greatest investment. Our hope is that we foster a culture of Trust, Transparency, and Confidence! By allowing Mid-Town to monitor and maintain your irrigation system, you are able to remove one more item from your To-Do list. We hope that you allow us to earn your business.